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PRIVILEGE Protection plaN

If your company suffers a breach your assessment results may have to be turned over to anyone that has a claim against you. If performed under the advice of counsel, all assessment results are protected by attorney-client privilege! For a nominal annual fee, your company can protect its assessment results. Most importantly, the results can’t be used against you!

business strategy

Small and mid-sized companies often struggle with many aspects of cyber security and privacy. What they need is legal advice from attorneys who are deeply entrenched in the particularities of cyber security and privacy law. We can help.

Drafting Policies & procedures

It is very important that all companies, from small to large, document their policies and procedures while addressing cyber security and privacy related risk. The first step in proving your company is being reasonable in addressing cyber and privacy risk is documentation! Our firm can help you document your internal cyber and privacy policies and procedures.

Regulatory & framework assistance

Demystifying what it means to be "compliant" and "reasonable." We help our clients create a proactive cyber security program using the appropriate framework that is relevant for their business.

incident response & investigation

No company wants to deal with a breach! But having trusted counsel that understands both the legal and technological aspects of a breach, gives our clients an added sense of security that they are well advised and prepared. 

outsourced partner

Whether it is Data Protection Officer services under GDPR, or an outsourced cyber security and privacy partner as you establish and mature your cyber security and privacy programs, our firm will act as your trusted advisor throughout your journey.

cyber contract negotiations

Many companies go into contract negotiations and sign contracts not knowing what their requirements are to protect sensitive data. With our guidance, our clients not only better understand their cyber security and privacy requirements, they know how to best protect the sensitive data entrusted to them.

security & Privacy awareness training

The internet, software, and technology are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. They make our lives simpler, but behind the curtain are fluctuating challenges in protection and monetization. Our firm can help your employees understand and protect their personal information which in turn helps your company protect the sensitive information of your customers. 

so much more....

No matter what your cyber security or privacy needs may be our firm can help you navigate your global requirements and create the best possible solutions for your company. Contact us, we can help.